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UgG Doctorate programme in Technology

The DAEC is taking part, among other things, in the UdG's Doctorate programme in Technology, more specifically, in the "architecture” line, based on the department’s two directly involved research groups: "Architecture and territory" (AiT, GRCT0080) and "Construction: advanced technologies and sustainability" (CATS, GRCT0088).

Areas of research and objective

The architecture doctoral programme works in three areas of research:

  • Project theory. Architectural renovation. Architecture, city, and visual culture
  • Theory and history of architecture.
  • Theory and history of urban planning. Urban, territorial, and landscape analysis and planning

The Programme’s general goal is to train researchers in the area of architecture through third-year studies that help them to take on this challenge’s new challenges both in the strict field of teaching and research and in the more general field of professional work.

Tesis llegides

Masdéu Bernat, Marta
La Transformación del Taller de Arquitectura en nuevos espacios de aprendizaje : un estudio sobre el proceso de integración entre la enseñanza y la práctica profesional / Marta Masdéu Bernat ; dirigida por: Dr. Josep Fuses Comalada ; tutorizada por: Dr. Lluis Torras Llinas
Info. publicació:
Girona : Universitat de Girona, 2018