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Regulations and reports

Department of Architecture and Construction Engineering

Under the University of Girona's regulations, the Department of Architecture and Construction Engineering's functions include supporting its teaching staff's research and providing the teaching staff for studies in the area of architecture and technical architecture. It likewise provides teaching staff in its areas of knowledge for the studies requested.

The Department sets itself the general goal of encouraging the advance of science and research in the subjects associated with its areas of knowledge, through various types of activities relating to teaching, dissemination and university management.

DAEC brings together teaching staff, students on scholarships and administrative and service staff.

The Secretary's Office area is located the Polytechnic School's P3 building in the Montilivi Campus.

2018 Report and appendixes:

2017 Report and appendixes:

2016 Report and appendixes:

2015 Report and appendixes:

2014 Report and appendixes:

2013 Report and appendixes:

The University's departments are tasked with organising and carrying out research and with providing and managing teaching in their own areas of knowledge, in coordination with centres and faculties. They have regulations available, for the purpose of structuring their activities, which describe their work and the governing bodies they are led by, as well as the democratic system that shapes them. 

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