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The typeface used for the University of Girona logo is Tiempos, a serif (*) typeface which, together with the double brace symbol, is the basis of the UdG’s corporate identity.

The Tiempos “headline” version must be used for headlines and the “text” version for texts. It incorporates an extensive range of typographical weights. The internal use of this typeface is reserved for UdG communication. The different uses can be consulted in this document.

For institutional uses (presence of the institution, posters, brochures, promotion, website, etc.) and, so it can be combined in a suitable way in each context, this typeface is complemented with another that is sans-serif (*). which is called Akkurat Std.

(*) In certain fonts, the serif type refers to letters that end “with grace”, or with finishes that “adorn” the main features of the font characters. The opposite to that is the “sans-serif” type.