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The University of Girona corporate logo consists of three variants. These variants and their uses are shown below.

Left, two lines

This is the preferred use of the logo. It is used on the left of the communication item it is applied to, never in a central position with regard to that item.


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 Centred, two lines

Always centred with regard to the communication it is applied to.

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Reduced version

The reduced version of the logo is only used in those graphic applications where there is no space or not sufficient margin to put the above versions. The above versions must be replaced by the reduced version when they become illegible.

Usos incorrectes

El següent apartat mostra alguns casos amb un ús incorrecte del logotip de la Universitat de Girona. És important tenir-los en compte, de forma que la identitat es mantingui consolidada al llarg del temps.