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Girona, Region of Knowledge Foundation

In accordance with its Articles of Association, the aims of the Girona, Region of Knowledge Foundation are to:

  • Promote relations between public and private institutions and the University and agree on collaboration commitments.
  • Promoting regional policies on the knowledge society and joining the agents involved in the territory in working towards common objectives.
  • Promote instruments for helping the agents producing knowledge and the agents receiving knowledge to access competitive funding.
  • Promoting technological innovation and the digitisation of the University, the sociocultural sector, and the socioeconomic sector.
  • Contribute to funding the University of Girona chairs and observatories.
  • Collect and analyse R&D&I magnitudes and data at a regional level that enable the results to be evaluated and own policies to be developed.
  • To institute and provide scholarships, grants, and subsidies for university studies and tasks to achieve these ends.