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Equality of inclusivity

Networks in which the university takes part

Committees and work groups


UNDISCAT is the Action Plan for integrating disabled people at university.

In its session on 26 September 2006, the Access and Student Affairs Commission agreed to create a technical commission that works to implement the action proposed in the UNIDISCAT project.

The UdG forms part of this technical commission, which is responsible for carrying out studies and drafting documents for advising the vice-rectorates of students of the different Catalan universities.

UNIDISCAT organises training workshops and the International Congress on University and Inclusivity. Consult the official page for more information on these workshops and other documents.

RED SAPDU (Servicios de atención a personas con discapacidad en la universidad)

SAPDU is a working party created in the full session meeting at the Universitat Jaume I de Castellón in December 2009, attended by technicians of care services for people with a disability of the Spanish Universities, which works to develop objectives such as collaboration among services, proposing actions and promoting documents approved in the headquarters of CRUE Student Affairs, on which the SAPDU depends. You can consult the information on the different services it contains and other documents of interest on the official SAPDU page .