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Gender Equality


Gender equality

Regulations for changing the given name of people belonging to the transsexual community of the University of Girona

These regulations were approved by the Governing Council in ordinary session no. 7/2018 that took place on the 11th October 2018, constitutes the instrument of which the University of Girona will use the university community in order to regulate the requirements and necessary procedures to normalise the casuistry of the transsexual and transgender persons, with the objective that they can be called in the internal area with the name corresponding to the gender that they identify with. In regulating those requirements and procedures, these regulations take into consideration the right to equality and the prohibition of discrimination due to sex or sexual orientation, as well as the need to protect the dignity and right to moral integrity and privacy of people in these groups who are part of our UdG university community. These rights are guaranteed in the valid legal framework.

Normativa UdG regulations on educational exemptions to intensify research following maternity leave

Approved in Governing Council to the session 4/2019. It has been conceived with the objective of becoming an efficient instrument that it allows to correct the obstacles that the motherhood can represent for the full development, in conditions of opportunities equality, of the careers academic and investigatory of the teaching staff. The regulations regulate the procedure of application and concession of these exemptions. They address themselves to the complete PDI in time of the University of Girona that has enjoyed a permission of motherhood for the birth, adoption or welcome of a son or daughter.