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University Education Programme for people over the age of 50

Get up to date

We provide university education for those over 50 years old

The university’s “Get up to date” education program brings specialist education to the over 50s. These are specialised seminars for students enrolled on the Josep Torrellas programme that take place during the academic year and range across almost every area of knowledge offered at the University of Girona.

  • “Death, the most unknown part of life”
  • “Death, philosophically speaking” with Antoni Defez
  • “They died of life” with Blanca Llum Vidal
  • “The great dream of death” with Dr Ramon N. Prats
  • “The right to die with dignity, a human law”, with the Right to Die with Dignity Association.

  • “De la neurona a la conducta: una visió integradora de l’activitat neuronal”
  • “El sistema nerviós: com és i com funciona” with Dr San
  • “L’expressió i la creativitat artística del cervell” with Mr Pep Admetlla
  • “El cervell canviant o l’enginy de la plasticitat sinàptica: una visió neuronal de les nostres conductes” with Dr Xavier Xifró
  • “C elegants: l’elegància d’un cuc per estudiar neurodegeneració i l’envelliment” with Dr Ester Dalfó

  • “Psicologia moral” with Dr Carles Rostan Sánchez

  • “Ser feliç és una feinada, o no?” with the teacher Oriol Ponsatí
  • “Art contemporani de la segona meitat del segle XX” with the teacher Paulo Duarte