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Chair of Sport and Physical Education - Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Girona

Seminar on Education and Olympic Ideals

The Chair of Sport and Physical Education - Olympic Studies Centre at the University of Girona has been organising a Seminar on Education and Olympic Ideals on a biannual basis since 2016.

The Seminar on Education and Olympic Ideals was created with the aim of immersing ourselves in the study of sport for harmonious personal development. Getting closer to the true Olympic spirit makes it possible to understand the essence of its values, and at the same time provide educational resources.

In this 4th edition of the Seminar on Education and Olympic Ideals: "The Olympic Ideals Today: What's New?", which will be held on 12 November 2022, the aim is to discuss and reflect on the Olympic spirit from the point of view of its social and educational influence, allowing an assessment of its impact on the society of today. 

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Previous editions

IV Seminari d'Educació i Olimpisme: Olimpisme, avui: què hi ha de nou?

12 de novembre de 2022
Sala de Socis Club Natació Banyoles (Pg. Antoni Gaudí 3 - Banyoles)

Sr. Luis V. Solar Cubillas

Sr. Ramón Llopis Goig

Sr. Juli Pernas

Sr. Toni Padilla i Montoliu

Sr. Joan Manuel Surroca

Sra. Marta Bach i Pascual

Sr. Rafael Jofresa i Prats

III Seminari d'Educació i Olimpisme: Jocs Olímpics i impacte social

3 d'octubre de 2020
  • Dr. Conrad Vilanou
  • Sr. Alejandro Blanco
  • Sr. Joan Solana
  • Sr. Fernando Climent
  • Sra. Esther Guerrero
  • Sr. Joan Lleonart
  • Sr. Mario Mola
  • Sra. Carolina Routier
  • Sr. J.A. García Bragado
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II Seminari d'Educació i Olimpisme: Esport, gènere i educació

17 de novembre de 2018

  • Dr. Conrado Durántez
  • Dra. Maria Eugenia Martínez
  • Sra. Olga Praderas
  • Sra. Sonia Lafuente
  • Sr. David Cal
  • Sra. Teresa Mas de Xaxars
  • Dra. Susanna Soler
  • Dr. Miguel Àngel Barbero

I Seminari d'Educació i Olimpisme: Els valors olímpics en l'educació

21 de maig de 2016

  • Dr. Conrado Durántez
  • Sra. Maria Zapata
  • Sr. Juan Manuel Surroca
  • Sra. Esther Guerrero
  • Sr. David Barrufet
  • Sr. José Pujol
  • Sr. Pau Vela
  • Sr. José Luís Jorquera

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