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Hire a graduate or a university student

Enter your offer in the UdG Careers Service job bank

If you are looking for candidates for jobs in your company/institution, you can enter an offer in the UdG Careers Service job bank, identifying the desired profile.

The Job Bank is a free service at the University of Girona to help find work for university graduates and undergraduates, especially those from the UdG itself.

The Careers Service manages the database of job offers and requests and acts as intermediary between offers from companies and requests for work from graduates or university students.

The university does not intervene in candidate selection or recruitment. The company selects and contacts candidates directly, where appropriate.

If you do not find a candidate suited to the profile you are looking for, we can help you to describe the profile in the job offer and promote its dissemination.

  • You can enter your offer or consult the available job requests to the address: Job offers
  • You can also contact the University Business Office personally (Tel. +34 972 41 96 84)