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Validate proprietary technology or a new product

Check out its economic, technical and commercial feasibility

The validation of a technology or a new product, checking its financial, technical and commercial feasibility, is a necessary step before undertaking development and industrial-scale use of that product. Validation is conducted through pilot tests and/or market studies on a sample of the target public, either on a mesoscale or at laboratory level.

  • Technological surveillance studies and state-of-the-art studies geared towards obtaining outside information about science and technology (analysis of the current situation and trends), with the aim of transforming this information into knowledge, allowing opportunities to be identified, decisions to be taken with less risk and changes to be anticipated.
  • Technological and industrial feasibility studies into applications of the technology in question, to determine if it may be possible to safely technologically or industrially develop a product/service and/or process using the new technology, verifying various factors such as structural strength, durability, energy implications, operating capacity control mechanisms, industrial scalability, etc., as appropriate.
  • Testing and validation of pilot processes, methods and materials, aimed at verifying and validating that they fulfil the set specifications.
  • EPS LAB: Testing and experimental validation of new products and/or services on a sample of objective public (university students), aimed at verifying and validating that they fulfil the supposed objectives. EPS LAB is a service of the Polytechnic School where companies can conduct quantitative and qualitative market research using university students as objective public. This enables companies to receive input during the process of launching new products or services and thus be able to offer the market a product, packaging, services, etc. improved thanks to previous quality test with university students. Further information on EPS LAB