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Propose a bachelor's or master's degree dissertation


All the official bachelor's degree and master's degree courses at the UdG include in their curricula a bachelor's degree or master's degree dissertation (abbreviated as TFG and TFM).The UdG regulations establish that students may complete their TFG/TFM in a company or institution. 

TFGs and TFMs involve the student performing professional internships and a project, study, report or piece of work as part of which the knowledge, capacities and skills required by the corresponding course are applied, integrated and developed. This work is aimed at evaluating the skills associated with the degree and concludes with a public defence, as well as evaluation and grading of the work.

In the case of TFGs/TFMs in companies, the subject matter of the work to be completed by the student is defined by combining academic requirements with your interests. Although the TFG/TFM defence takes place at the UdG, an external codirector/tutor belonging to the company or institution is assigned to the TFG/TFM.

If the student does not have a contractual tie with the company or institution, they will need to formalise an Agreement for Educational Cooperation with the University before completing the TF. The agreement guarantees the coverage of risks and that the relationship with the student has no contractual character for the company or institution.

For the company or institution, conducting a TFG or TFM is an opportunity to solve problems, develop ideas, investigate future opportunities, etc. that may be of interest to the company or institution. And to do so in a university context. Indeed, although students who have finished their bachelor's degree or master's degree education complete the work, the TFG or TFM is done under the guidance of senior researchers from the university. 

It is also an action of social responsibility, contributing to a better education for future graduates and those who hold university master's degrees. For the student, it represents an opportunity to confront real problems related to their future profession and to come into contact with technicians from the company or institution, and researchers from a UdG research group.

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