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Made-to-measure training programme for your company

Innovative training adapted to your needs

The University of Girona, through the University of Girona Foundation: Innovation and Training organise made-to-measure training adapted to your company or professional group's needs and goals. 

If you set forth your needs and make us a participant in your objectives, we will design a proposed made-to-measure training programme, counting on the best academic experts and on experienced professionals. We will adjust this proposal to your needs insofar as possible.

The programme can be taught in the University of Girona Foundation lecture room or at your own site (in-company training).

We can also help you, in coordination with the company's departments and staff, to define a Company Training Plan, from identifying work competences to developing, formulating objectives and defining prerequisites, identifying programme content and structure, identifying training strategies and describing learning evaluations. We also have various standard training proposals that can be adapted.

You may wish to know that Spanish companies have access to credit to conduct ongoing training through the application of allowances to the Social Security quotas once the training has come to an end (bonus training).