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Find a mentor for your company

Vision and knowledge in company management and organisation

If you are starting your activity as an entrepreneur or are working in a new sector or market, having an experienced mentor may be a good option. A mentor brings perspective and knowledge in the management and organisation of companies and/or knowledge of a sector or a market, in relation to their own experience as a business person.

A mentor guides you, orientates and advises you in developing your project. They save you time and effort, thanks to their degree of knowledge and experience.

Some typical aspects in which a mentor may be able to help you are:

  • Developing a business model
  • Product development
  • Pricing
  • Customer validation
  • Recruitment of talent (creating interview processes for suitable candidates)
  • Team training (creation of a work culture that reflects your values and goals)
  • Capital capture (design of a funding strategy, identification of potential investors)
  • Business and commercial contacts
  • Advice in strategic decision making

Finally, a mentor can also end up being a great friend and a partner for your company, because they know you so well.

The Campus provides applicants with a list of persons who have shown an interest in acting as mentors or makes a call for mentors through the Sectoral Group, displaying the requirements of the requesting company without specifying the company's identity. The applicant can choose from among potential mentors who fit the profile they believe to be most suitable. The Campus at all times acts with total discretion, facilitating any contact or interviews the applicant requests.

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