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Find an academic adviser

Expert advice and perspective

There are times when it may be useful to be able access an independent consultant (or range of consultants) for expert advice and perspective.

The aims of seeking advice may include:

  • Comparing information about new advances and emerging innovations in science and technology, and looking into possible applications within your company's field.
  • Exploring R&D&I collaboration options through:
    • Private presentation of UdG research results to company staff in relation to topics of interest to the company.
    • Presentation of the company's R&D&I interests or any specific issues that may be resolved by UdG experts to UdG researchers.
  • Discussion of different ways of covering recruitment needs for qualified staff across the UdG.
  • Exploring new approaches to management in relation to corporate matters and non-technological innovation.
  • Incorporating external points of view into the company's plans in order to improve strategic planning.

Advice may relate to: 

  • Analysis and assessment of documents or presentations
  • Face-to-face interviews to exchange and discuss information
  • Exclusive meetings with directors
  • Workshops with technical staff
  • Expert advice (coaching) in relation to specific projects

The UdG offers you:

  • Access to the expertise of more than 1,500 researchers and technicians in an extensive range of disciplines
  • One single contact person throughout the consultation process.
  • Guarantee of total confidentiality of any information provided or generated during meetings, through a contract if required.

Get in touch with the Composites Campus, Isabel Bagudanch (Tel. +34 972 41 95 78). We will reply to you and set up an initial meeting with the Scientific Director of the Campus. You will need to specify the subject matter of the consultation requested as a first step to determining the expert who will need to attend the meeting.