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Measuring the gap between projected and perceived destination images: The case of Catalonia [Seminari EAD) B. Ferrer Rossell , Universitat de Lleida
24/02/2017 12:30
24/02/2017 14:00
Seminari Aitchison - Edifici P4 - Campus Montilivi – Girona
Statistics and Data Analysis Group


Tourist destination image (TDI) is considered crucial when planning a holiday or trip. 
The aim of this paper is to propose a methodology combining content analysis and composition analysis 
to observe the (in)congruity between both sides of the TDI (supply-side projected vs. demand-side perceived). 
This method is applied to an outstanding Mediterranean destination, Catalonia, based on three 
different information sources: induced (Catalan Tourist Board dossier), autonomous (Lonely Planet travel guide), 
and organic (UGC: user-generated content). Findings emphasize discrepancies between projected and perceived images 
in three aspects of the TDI, namely, multiscalar destination image, cognitive image, and affective image.