Demanda tecnològica: proven method for localized surface treatment for non-conductive material

A large German company from the chemical industry is looking for a proven mild cleaning process that can remove all kinds of contaminants in aqua bath without damaging the delicate material surface. The technology should also clean materials of various porosity and might slightly increase the temperature.

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A large company headquartered in Germany focusing on special chemicals is aiming at optimizing one of its production processes and is thus looking for a partner with a lab-scale-proven cleaning method for small surfaces.

Generally, trace contamination on non-conducting surface like leather, fabric, paper and plastic are common during manufacturing processes. The origin of such contaminants can be processing aids or lubricants which are transferred from mechanical components. The structure of these contaminants is very diverse and range from small organic molecules to low melting fats. Heated cleaning treatment is used in manufacturing process but it may also damage the surface integrity of the material. In a feasibility study, it was shown that a slight increase in temperature of the contaminant enhances the removal of contaminants.

Hence, the company is seeking mild cleaning process that can remove all kind of contaminants in aqua bath without damaging the delicate material surface. The requested technology should also be suitable to clean material of various porosity.

The most relavant features for the new technology/ process include the following:

  • Technology should enable the increase of temperature by 10-20K
  • Area which should be heated could be up to 1 cm2
  • Applicable in aqueous environement
  • Physical and chemical approaches are acceptable

The suggested methodology should be tested with some materials which should be mentioned in the expression of interest. The technology could be tested in laboratory scale within a couple of weeks. Further development and/or usage of the method would be organized in the form of a joint venture, license or research cooperation agreement. The suitable form of cooperation depends on the kind of development stage and usability of the suggsted tools (e.g.

- license agreement for ready and fully usable products,

- joint venture agreement when investing own knowledge or -

- research cooperation agreement for great pre-requisites but more customizing necessary.

Cooperation could be concluded with any experienced research or industry partner.

Referència:  TRDE20171130001

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