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Convocatòria oberta per participar en els propers Premis EmprenedorXXI

Convocatòria oberta fins al 3 de novembre. Els Premis EmprenedorXXI volen atreure start-ups amb un alt component innovador i amb un potencial de creixement significatiu. Ciències de la Vida n’és una categoria.

The EntrepreneurXXI Awards are an initiative promoted by “la Caixa” which aims to identify, recognise and accompany young companies with greater growth potential. These Awards are co-granted with the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness through Empresa Nacional de Innovación, S.A. (ENISA) in Spain and Banco BPI in Portugal and have the support of more than 130 leading entities involved in supporting the development of innovative companies

In order to present an application for the EntrepreneurXXI Awards, candidate companies must meet the following requirements:

  • Be companies incorporated as a profit-seeking legal entity (S.A., S.L., Employee-owned companies, Cooperatives, Business Partnerships)
  • Have a tax address in Spain or Portugal.
  • Have started their activity subsequent to 1 January 2014.
  • The founding partners must lead and work primarily in the company.
  • The award is directed at micro-companies and SMEs in the following sectors:
    • Life Sciences: Therapeutics, Diagnosis, and Development of medical technologies.
    • Information Technology: Big Data, Cybersecurity and Security, Enterprise software, Fintech, Internet of Things, and Telecommunications.
    • Digital Business: Digital Media and Education, E-Commerce and Marketplaces, E-Employment, E-Health, E-Tourism, Gaming, and Mobile.
    • Industrial Technology: Cleantech, Energy, Waste management, Chemical products and materials, and Industrial products and services.
    • Food and Agriculture: Agricultural production, Technology and products for the agricultural industry, Transformation and development of agricultural and food products.
  • The contest is intended for companies with a high innovative component, innovation being understood in a broad context (products, processes, business model, etc.).

A total of 24 companies will be awarded in this edition of the EntrepreneurXXI Awards.

Prizes to the best company from its sector

The 5 nationwide winning companies (1 winning company from each sector) will be recognised as companies with the highest growth potential in their sector and will receive a financial contribution:

  • €25,000 to the winner from Life Sciences
  • €25,000 to the winner from Information Technology
  • €25,000 to the winner from Digital Business
  • €25,000 to the winner from Industrial Technology
  • €25,000 to the winner from Food and Agriculture

The 5 nationwide winning companies (1 winning company in each sector) and the 10 national finalists (2 companies in each sector) will have access to an International Development Programme organised with Singularity University.

Awards to the company with the greatest impact in its territory

The 17 companies winning the regional competitions in Spain (1 winning company in each autonomous community) and the 2 winning companies in Portugal (1 winning company in each region) will be recognised as companies with the greatest growth potential in their territory and will receive:

  • A financial contribution of €5,000.
  • Free access to the international Ignite Fast Track course from Cambridge University.

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