Institut de Química Computacional i Catàlisi


Disseny i Modelatge de Reaccions Catalitzades per Metalls de Transició

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2019 Article Andrés, J.; P. W. Ayers, P. W.; Boto, R.; Carbó-Dorca, R.; Cioslowski, J.; Chermette, H.; Contreras García, J.; Cooper, D.; Frenking, G.; Gatti, C.; Heidar-Zadeh, F.; Joubert, L.; Martin Pendas, A.; Matito, E.; Mayer, I.; Mis  "Nine Question on Energy Decomposition Analysis."  Journal of Computational Chemistry  40 (2019):  2248-2283.
2019 Article Artigas, A.; Fernández, I.; Solà, M.  "The regioselectivity in Diels-Alder cycloadditions of #6094C68 fullerene with a triplet ground state."  Journal of Organic Chemistry  84 (2019):  9017-9024.
2019 Article Artigas, A.; Vila, J.; Lledó, A.; Solà, M.; Pla-Quintana, A.; Roglans, A.  "A Rh-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization/Diels-Alder Cascade Reaction of 1,5-Bisallenes for the Synthesis of Polycyclic Heterocycles."  Organic Letters  21 (2019):  6608-6613.
2019 Article C. J. Richmond; S. Escayola; A. Poater  "Axial Ligand effects of Ru-BDA Complexes in the O-O Bond Formation via the I2M Bimolecular Mechanism in Water Oxidation Catalysis."  European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry  2019 (2019):  2101-2108.
2019 Article Codolà, Z.; Gamba, I.; Acuña-Parés, F.; Casadevall, C.; Clémancey, M.; Latour, J.-M.; Luis, J.-M.; Lloret-Fillol, J.; Costas, M.  "Design of Iron Coordination Complexes as Highly Active Homogenous Water Oxidation Catalysts by Deuteration of Oxidation-Sensitive Sites."  Journal of the American Chemical Society  141 (2019):  123-133.

Química Bioinspirada, Supramolecular i Catàlisi (QBIS-CAT)

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2019 Capítol de llibre Codolà, Z.; Lloret-Fillol, J.; Costas M.  "Catalytic Water Oxidation: Water Oxidation to O 2 Mediated by 3d Transition Metal Complexes: Molecular Approaches and Reactions ." Non-Noble Metal Catalysis: Molecular Approaches and Reactions.  (DEU): Wiley, 2019. 
2019 Capítol de llibre Costas, M.  "Alkane Oxidation with Biologically Inspired Nonheme Iron Catalysts Based in the Triazacyclononane Ligand Scaffold ." Alkane Functionalization.  (DEU): John Wiley & Sons, 2019. 
2019 Capítol de llibre Laia Vicens; Miquel Costas  "Asymmetric Epoxidation Catalyzed by Biologically Inspired Non-heme Iron Catalysts and Hydrogen Peroxide ." Frontiers of Green Catalytic Selective Oxidations.  (RUS): Springer, 2019. 
2019 Capítol de llibre Olivo, Giorgio; Lanzalunga, Osvaldo; Di Stefano, Stefano  "Imine‐based Iron and Manganese Complexes as Catalysts for Alkane Functionalization ." Alkane Functionalization.  (USA): John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2019. 

Química teòrica i Modelatge i Enginyeria molecular

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2019 Capítol de llibre E. Besalú; L. Pogliani; J.V. de Julián-Ortiz  "Fast Qualitative Inspection of Designed Experiments by means of the Superposing Significant Interaction Rules (SSIR) method ." Haghi, Reza K., Julian-Ortiz, J.V de. Physical Chemistry for Chemists and Chemical Engineers: Multidisciplinary Research Perspectives. Amsterdam (NLD): Apple Academic Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019.