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Grup A

Semestral, 1r semestre
Idioma de les classes:
Anglès (100%)


1. Introduction. Legal Framework of Travel Contracts. Regulated Package Travel

2. Package Travel Contract

3. Passenger’s Rights

4. Accommodation and other tourism services. The impact of the EU consumer acquis

5. Presentation of role-playing simulations

6. Final Exam


Tipus d’activitat Hores amb professor Hores sense professor Total
Anàlisi / estudi de casos 3 25 28
Cerca d'informació 0 20 20
Classes expositives 10 0 10
Prova d'avaluació 2 15 17
Total 15 60 75


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  • Rivista italiana di Diritto del turismo. FrancoAngeli.

Avaluació i qualificació

Activitats d'avaluació:

Descripció de l'activitat Avaluació de l'activitat %
Role-play simulation 60
Final exam 40


Your assessment

In order to assess your knowledge, you will carry out:

1) A role-play simulation representing 60% of your assessment over the course.

2) A final exam with a multiple choice test and some questions to be answered in writing and, where appropriate, a commentary on text at the end of the course on 25th November 2015. This part will make up the other 40% of your assessment.

So, the formula to calculate the final mark is 'Role-play simulation *0.6 + Final exam *0.4= Final mark'. Mathematically you can pass the subject without taking the final exam.

You will be provided with further details on 10th November 2015.

Criteris específics de la nota «No Presentat»:
A no show will take place if the teaching staff is not provided with a role-play simulation.