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I am a comparative and developmental psychologist with expertise in primatology. Most of my research experience has focused on the comparative study of different animal species  —principally non-human primates including great apes— in their natural environment, semi-free and captivity conditions. My research interest has been to understand the evolutionary and developmental bases of early childhood and the evolution of behaviour, cognition and sociality in humans. Some of the topics I am currently investigating include laterality and hand preferences, social learning and culture, communication, tool use and physical cognition, personality and emotions, social network analysis and socialisation, feeding ecology, psychopathology and the improvement of welfare and quality of life in non-human animals as a model of mental health in humans. Since 2018 I am member of the ManyPrimates network (, a large-scale collaboration for the study of primate cognition that includes 12 institutions in 8 countries. I supervised a total number of 4 PhD dissertations, 59 MSc theses, 16 Postgraduate theses and 66 BSc theses since 2003. I actively participate as a lecturer in primatology, animal welfare and developmental comparative psychology at several forums and media. I collaborate with various research projects, animal rescue centres and conservation projects in Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mozambique, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Indonesia. I obtained my PhD in Psychology at the Universitat Ramon Llull where I was awarded the «Special Doctorate Prize» for my doctoral dissertation and a BSc in Psychology at the Universitat de Barcelona. I conducted my doctoral work at Fundació MONA (, investigating manual laterality in chimpanzees. I am currently the Scientific Director of IPRIM ( and I am the Research Director of Fundació MONA. I am also an associate fellow at IPHES (, where, since 2009, I am a member of the Research Consolidated Group (SGR899-2017) investigating social, cultural, biological and cognitive evolution during the Pleistocene. Since 2013 I am the Director of the MSc in Primatology at the Universitat de Girona ( and since 2014 the President of the Spanish Primatological Association ( I am an Associate Lecturer in the area of Basic Psychology at the Universitat de Girona, where I taught courses on Psychobiology (BSc in Psychology), and currently on Basic and Developmental Psychology (BSc in Pedagogy, Education and Criminology). As the Director and lecturer of the MSc in Primatology at the Universitat de Girona, I have taught subjects related to animal behaviour and ethology, comparative cognition, animal welfare and scientific research tools and methods.