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Dr. Carlo Vittorio Giabardo took up a position as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Law with the "Juan de la Cierva" Program at the University of Girona School of Law, where he has taught, in English, "Law & Economics" (2020) and "Mediation and Conflict Resolution" (2021, in Spanish). He received in 2016 his PhD in 2016 from the University of Turin, Italy. 

His research interests lie at the intersection between Civil Justice and Dispute Resolution, Comparative Law, and Philosophy of Law, broadly construed. The common thread of his research is the role and function(s) performed by courts and judges in today's society - in all their dimensions and perspectives - as well as the most recent trends in the dispute resolution area (specifically, the "privatization" of civil justice and climate change litigation). 

He holds Visiting positions in Lausanne (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law), Paris (SciencesPo School of Law) and England (Durham Law School). In 2016, he has been EU Commission Marie Curie Fellow at Tsinghua University (Beijing), "Liberalism in Between EU and China" (L.I.B.E.A.C. project). He has presented his research in the US, UK, Switzerland, Australia (TC Beirne School of Law, Brisbane), China, and in Italy and Spain. In 2020 he has given a seminar at Leicester Law School, Civil Justice Cluster, on the "private/public distinction" in adjudication ( In 2020, he has given online seminars in Argentina, Chile, Perù. Since 2020, he is member of Editorial Board of the Law Review "Giustizia Insieme" (ISSN: 2036-5993) and, since 2021, of the ORFECT net (Observatory on Religious Freedom in the Jurisprudence of the ECHR). Since 2016, he's also part of the "gLAWcal - Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development" team. He also has a long-lasting collaboration with the Italian law journal "Giurisprudenza Italiana" ("Fascia A", First level).

Amongst his most recent publications, see "Climate Change Litigation & Corporate Rensponsibility. A Comment on 'Milieudefensie v. Shell' (2021)", available at; "Climate Change Litigation, State Responsibility and the Role of Courts in the Global Regime", in B. Pozzo, V. Jacometti (eds.), Environmental Loss and Damage in a Comparative Law Perspective, Cambridge, 2021, 393; "Arte e diritto. Il diritto nell'arte e il diritto come arte", in Giustizia Insieme (ISSN: 2036-5993), April 2021; "Il giudice e l'algoritmo: in difesa dell'umanità del giudicare", in M. Manzin, F. Puppo, S. Tomasi (eds.), Ragioni ed emozioni nella decisione giudiziale (Studies on Argumentation and Legal Philosophy), Trento University Press, 2021, 211; "Climate Change Litigation: Regulation Through Litigation?" in Rivista di Diritto e Processo (Università degli Studi di Perugia), 2020, 361 ss.; "Private Justice: The Privatisation of Dispute Resolution and the Crisis of Law", in 4, Wolverhampton Law Journal (UK), 2020, 14; "American Legal Realism in Dispute Resolution. Alternative Dispute Resolution as a 'Realist' Project", in Iuris Dictio, 2020, 63; "Private Law in the Age of the Vanishing Trial", in K. Barker, K. Fairweather, R. Grantham (eds.), Private Law in the 21st Century, Oxford: Hart, 2017, 547. 


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