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El Departament d'Arquitectura i Tecnologia de Computadors anualment publica i col·labora en publicacions, ja siguin llibres, capítols de llibre, actes de congressos, articles, etc.

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2019 Article Daniela. Aguirre-Guerrero; Guillaume Ducoffe; Lluís Fàbrega; Pere Vilà; David Coudert  "Low time complexity algorithms for path computation in Cayley Graphs."  Discrete Applied Mathematics   (2019):  -.
2019 Article Jose L Marzo, Josep Miquel Jornet, Massimiliano Pierobon  "Nanonetworks in Biomedical Applications."  Current Drug Targets   (2019):  -.
2019 Article Jose L. Marzo, Sergio G. Cosgaya, Nina Skorin-Kapov, Caterina Scoglio, Heman Shakeri  "A study of the robustness of optical networks under massive failures."  Optical Switching And Networking  31 (2019):  1-7.

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2019 Article Agarwal, R.;Diaz, O.;Lladó, X.;Hoon Yap, M.;Martí, R.  "Automatic mass detection in mammograms using deep convolutional neural networks."  Journal of Medical Imaging  6 (2019):  031409 -.
2019 Article Bernal, J.; Kushibar, K.; Sileshi D.; Valverde, S.; Oliver, A.; Marti, R.; Lladó, X.  "Deep convolutional neural networks for brain image analysis on magnetic resonance imaging: a review."  Artificial Intelligence in Medicine  95 (2019):  64-81.

Comunicacions i Sistemes Distribuïts

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2018 Actes de Congressos Daniela Aguirre-Guerrero; Andreu Mañosa; Lluís Fàbrega; Pere Vilà Evaluation of Cayley graphs for parallel computer systems, Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Computer, Information, and Telecommunication Systems (CITS 2018).  (FRA): , 2018. 
2018 Actes de Congressos Jose L Marzo; Eusebi Calle; Sergio G. Cosgaya; Diego Rueda; Andreu Mañosa On Selecting the Relevant Metrics of Network Robustness, 2018 10th International Workshop on Resilient Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM). DOI 10.1109/RNDM.2018.8489809.  (USA): IEEE xplore, 2018. 
2018 Actes de Congressos Sergio G. Cosgaya; Eusebi Calle; Jose L. Marzo Resilient Controller Location under Target Attacks, Proceedings ICTON 2018 IEEE Xplore.  (ROM): IEEE xplore, 2018. 
2018 Actes de Congressos Xiangrong Wang; Ling Feng; Robert E. Kooij; Jose L Marzo Inconsistencies among Spectral Robustness Metrics, Qshine, EAI International Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness.  (VNM): , 2018. 
2018 Capítol de llibre Juan Pablo Meneses-Ortegón, Teodor Jové, Ramon Fabregat, Mery Yolima Uribe-Rios  "Model for Sharing Knowledge in a Co-creation Process with High Ability Students ." Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies.  (ITA): Springer, 2018.